Broken branches, falling leaves.

Do you think a tree gets excited to see an acorn fall from it’s branches? His trunks stay put, rooted deep within the ground, deep to what he was brought up from. Both may be from similar seeds, but the wind decides where they rest. Acorns are merely a product of, not a creation of, the tree itself.

What can the tree show? My little saplingOther than itself being resolute, steadfast in where it belongs in this world, it being its flag. A tree shows no movement, other than what the wind forces. The branches do not move at the behest of the tree but are rather interpreted by the world around it.

A tree is just a tree. It may be a living thing, but it is devoid of emotion, meant to just live its life on this planet doing everything it has done since birth, everything that has been preset before it by the previous acorn. The only change that happens is when it is cut down by man or taken down by nature.

So when my son asks me if I’m proud of him. I just smile and put my hand on his shoulder. The wind may decide what the tree shows, but my hand touched him. I am a proud father. My son has grown up to be a good, hard-working man, and he currently has gainful employment at, While I may not know specifically what he is doing, I know that it is good hard work because I see harder men them him holding themselves with much less power than him. My boys got roots of his own.

I can’t say much about Florida other than I prefer the weather. The dryness of our home climate cracks my lips.

10642760 - florida heat. sunset with palm trees. dark orange sky and trees shapes
10642760 – florida heat. sunset with palm trees. dark orange sky and trees shapes

No need for lip balm here. That being said, the people are rude, and the driving is bad. Hopefully, my son provides parents with paddles to whack their spoiled kids upside the head with, maybe then this place would be a little more understanding of laws of these lands.

My daughter gave me a call on my cell phone, she apparently has found my blog and is a big endorser of me in this. I don’t like calling it a blog, but she insists I call it that. I like to think of it as a contemporary chronicle of an American man. I don’t want to try and ‘trend’ or set any new ‘hashtags.’ I’m just trying to seal a little part of my life so my grandchildren might be able to understand what it was like in their kooky grandfather’s heads. It seems like these blogs are the only things those kids respond to nowadays and I might not be around forever to sit them on my kneed and set them straight myself.

So since the cat is out of the bag, let me end this with a few rules for my kids. Be good, work hard, live below your means, save your money, love completely and floss. Flossing is very important, and no one seems to do it.