Kneading seeds into the Soil

So when I was younger, and I was fighting cancer, they tied me up to these weird machines. I’d have one tube… might as well call it, it was two tubes going you don’t want to know where and they were controlling what was supposed to come out of me. Kind of looked like thisHowever, I had this one tube that was always down my throat and it was sucking all the extra stuff from my lungs that weren’t supposed to be there. This was a lot.

I remember it scaring me so much when I was a kid; I had my hard-nosed father there every other day. Thought it was kind of funny to see my daddy with little tears dangling off the tip of his nose. My mother was always there, dangling between as stoic as the rockies and as caterwauling as the avalanches that roll off of them. But through all of these moments, I genuinely thought I was going to die, and my parents thought the same too.

I bring this up because my daughter’s husband, Miguel, thought it might be a good idea if I told my story to the guys at They handle medical malpractice cases well and have a great track record. I’m on the phone with him, and he was talking to me, and I couldn’t help it, but he rustled my jimmy’s.

I had to pull over! I sat, and I explained to him that a man is worth what he is owed and that those people saved my lives back then. I probably wouldn’t even be there on the side of the road cursing his name if it wasn’t for those people. Only to have him later rebuttal with saying that he thought my testimonial might help them determine good cases and bad ones. I told him I’d sew him for medical malpractice for misdiagnosing my anger for foot-in-mouth disease!

Anyway, I’ve decided to stay in New Orleans for the night. I’ve always been fond of checking out Bourbon Street, My favorite, the Whiskey sourand I never thought that Baton Rouge could stand up to it’s southern sister. I might sign up for one of those ghost tours before I go back down on the rest of my trip. Something almost seems like it’s summoning me there.

Haven’t heard from Marc in some time, I think I might call him after this whole trip is over. Ashley made some talks about how she might fly down to see me for a day or too. It’d be nice if she could fit me into her busy schedule, I didn’t realize I was raising a bunch of busy bodies. At least Marc hits people with sticks, but he does also slide pucks into nets.

Oh, by the way, I had one of them little lucky dogs. If you don’t know what they are, there’s this stand where you give them like five dollars, and they set you up with a foot long hot dog that has chili and onions and cheese and more meat. It’s crazy delicious; you really ought to look it up next time you’re in town.