Roads we drive and the paths we walk.

The future is looking very promising right now. A rock cooking on a river bank still has its toes in the water. Though it might just sit there, watching all matter of life being carried away from it, it still gets to partake in its way. Little fishes are passing by, going for a scratch on their fins thanks to the rock. The water pushed through on its normal course waiting for a little bit of a change of pace, the rock provides that.

I’m a rolling boulder. Pushing through the forces of nature that are my children. Each of them becoming masters of their universes. It makes me feel good; I thought this whole trip would be a venture of me interrupting, but if turns out that I’m just moving down a mountain, and they are the paved ways left by boulders before me. It seems I am the one being moved now.

Marc is set to compete in some NCAA competitions.When he was just a tike I haven’t talked to him in a while, and he hasn’t talked about me, but he’s doing well. He has his land of ice in the north, and I’m happy to see him succeeding, even if it is on skates.

Ashely, to my east, is raising her little cubs in the middle of the forest. Her husband may mean well, but he is an outsider to the pack that we have developed. The two of them seem to be doing well; they plan on opening a shop of some sort online. I don’t think shops do too well online, but they are happy with the way things are going.

My son in the South, James, apparently is now in talks to securing a great big contract from I don’t know how all of those Florida folk build so much. Limestone isn’t the greatest foundation to build an empire. I just hope my son starts investing in flight companies before that whole state sinks into the ocean.

As for me, I’m headed on my merry way. Being a boulder has its downsides and right now I’m feeling pretty tired. But I still have a whole road ahead of me and then some. I look forward to sitting down and resting with my dog for a little bit. Maybe I can do itAll this writing and all my daughters pestering seem to be pushing me in this direction. Maybe I’ll begin a book.

That’s the idea anyway, I kind of like that idea. Sitting on my porch with this ThinkPad, doing what my wife loved doing. Telling a story. It seems like such a trivial thing but at the same time, it’s so…. Relaxing. I just want to be able to look over, pat Roger Jr on the head, have a glass of scotch next to me and just figure this whole thing out on the page. I think I’d like that. But for now, enough of this blogging stuff, I have a road to travel and a mark to settle. Somehow, it feels like I’m starting over again.