This lonesome road, a time to behold.

So I’m back up on that long road of life. Back north to where my home is. I’ll probably end up stopping off to see my daughter.

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I’m sure she’d love it since now all of the sudden she’s a huge fan of my work. But I just like driving at the very least. It’s nice to be out of the house for a little bit, I left my dog with the neighbor, they go often hunting so it’ll be nice for him to get the exercise.

Outside of that, I spent the night and prodded my son earlier about what he did specifically and apparently he’s a compressed air salesman. I was trying to look at the page, but I just can’t seem to navigate it. That’s it in case anybody wants to decode it and get back to me. All I know is that I’m proud of him.

I had an interesting little moment earlier. I was at a rest stop on my way to seeing her, and I was just sitting there. I had made a sandwich at my son’s house, bread, and bologna, fuel. I was tearing the meat from the sandwich and staring out into a nearby wooded area. As I began to focus, I saw eyes staring back at me, a few sets of them, one high, the rest low. Eyes of a deer no doubt, some doe with her little bucks.

There they stood petrified, wondering if I was going to tear the meat from them too. But I didn’t. I sipped on my Dr.Pepper and finished my sandwich. Took my shoe off to shake the rock loose that had somehow found its way in there. Not on this day, I may be a predator but hurting kids and mothers is not the way of the predator, it’s the way of the carnivore, and I eat bread.

So I’ll probably have to stop near the northern part of Georgia tonight. Tomorrow, Raleigh. lonesome roadI will do the best that I can to see that I can take care of my bucks before I pass on into the leaves. But until then let’s see if we can’t hit up another bar in the mean time. It seems the only thing left for me to enjoy a few damn good drinks and make sure my kids are okay.

There’s this place called the Porter Beer Bar. I’d enjoy a beer and a burger after the seafood bonanza my son made me go through. I appreciate a good catfish now and then but I’m not a fan of the bottom feeders like shrimp and mussels. But I wanted to make my son happy, and it’s apparently all he eats right now. But I’m back onto that lonely road. I wish I had my doggy with me; he would have loved the ride, but I never know when some hurricane would have hit at any time, I don’t know how that place works.